Tying the knot...

After 15 years in business, we know weddings!

Our bridal team is experienced and prepared to help you know exactly which services and packages will help you achieve the state of mind and look you desire for your very special day.

Our bridal services include pre-wedding sessions for hair styles, color and texture artistry, makeup, brow enhancement, skin care, nail care, and tension relieving/relaxation treatments.

All BRIDAL SERVICES ARE CUSTOMIZED to meet your (and your bridal party's) individual needs, targeting specific concerns and helping to restore optimum beauty.

Begin your journey with our experienced bridal team. We recommend scheduling a bridal consultation at least six months before you wedding.

Bridal 24 Karat Gold Foil Facial

All that Glitters is Gold!

Gold has been known throughout the ages for its healing powers. Gold energizes and revitalizes while strengthening the immune system and increasing the resistance to the environmental damage. Chinese, Egyptians and Romans have documented the use and the benefits of the precious metal. Gold is known to bind moisture to the skin which increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in turn protecting the skin from drying out and firms the contours. All this helps reduce fine lines are wrinkles I the cellular level. Gold facial is perfect for all skin types. This facial is advices for people wanting to manage and reverse pigmentation and lightning the overall complexion.

Brides want to look their very best during their special day. This is a go to facial for every bride for a glowing and luminous skin. This can be a day before facial or be performed during a period of time to see maximum transformative results.

Time: 1 hour 30 mins - $175

Bridal Up Do

Shine on your very special day with a glorious crown to go with your flawless face. Look like an ethereal princess with the up-dos specially designed for your hair type and face shape. Try-outs and consultations are suggested before the big day. You could bring your inspiration in form of a picture of let us talk you through the different options to match your make-up and your dress.

Price: $60 & up


Airbrush makeup is much coveted technique by the beauty and film industry. Our master makeup artist is certified in the art of airbrush makeup. The artist applies custom blended shades to conceal, correct and contour your face. This style of makeup application leaves the skin looking absolutely flawless. This type of makeup is perfect for brides, proms or any special occasion that calls for a glamorous look.

Airbrush Makeup - $95
Bridal Makeup - $150
Special Occasion (Traditional Method) - $75
False Eyelashes - $20 & up
Bridal Consultation (upto 1 hour) - $50
Group prices - Upon Consultation

50% advanced payment is required at the time of booking.


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